Corporate Governance Contact

Board of Directors
c/o Corporate Secretary
WageWorks, Inc.
1100 Park Place, 4th Floor
San Mateo, CA 94403

Phone: (650) 577-5200
Fax: (650) 577-5201

The Corporate Secretary will distribute communications that are appropriate to the duties and responsibilities of the Board.


Any items unrelated to the duties and responsibilities of the Board will be excluded. These include: 

•    General surveys and mailings to solicit business or advertise products
•    Job applications or resumes
•    Employment verifications
•    Service inquiries or complaints
•    New product suggestions
•    Business solicitations or advertisements.
•    Any material that is threatening, illegal or does not relate to the responsibilities of the Board


Employment verification inquiries should be sent to:

Additional support is available by visiting our support center.