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Company Overview



We are a leading on-demand provider of tax-advantaged programs

for consumer-directed health, commuter and other employee spending account benefits, or Consumer-Directed Benefits, in the United States.

Corporate Profile

We are a leading on-demand provider of tax-advantaged programs.

We administer and operate a broad array of Consumer-Directed Benefits, including spending account management programs, such as health and dependent care Flexible Spending Accounts, of FSAs, Health Savings Accounts, or HSAs.


We deliver our Consumer-Directed programs through a highly scalable Benefits-as-a-Service delivery model.

Employer clients and their participating employees may access through a standard web browser on any internet enabled device, including computers, smart phones, and other devices.

Use Pre-Tax Dollars to Save

Our Consumer-Directed Benefits programs enable employees and their families to save money by using pre-tax dollars.

Employers financially benefit from our programs through reduced payroll taxes, even after factoring in our fees. Under our FSA, HSA and commuter programs, participating employees contribute funds from their pre-tax income to pay for qualified out-of-pocket healthcare expenses not fully covered by in insurance, such as co-pays, deductibles and over-the-counter medical products or for commuting costs.